Summer Camp


Who Can Join Yes-art.?


How Can Join Yes-Art ?

You Can Join Yes-art As A Member.
member Fill A Membership Form.
No Charges For Membership.
member Have Specify Area And Have You Experience In Your Working.

Why Join Yes-art.?

yes-art present your idea.
It's Largest Group in Cultural Activity.
India's First Group Leading One Time Three State.
Yes-art Provide You Good Service For Your Working.
You Can Prove and Present Your Working Quality Easily With Yes-art.
You are certify with yes-art group and awarded with certificate.
every student awarded with certificate with your academic.
you can perform out of city and state with yes-art.
yes-art give you a good and establish platform in india.
you are directly join it andcoordinating with us time to time.
yes-art will working with your name and your idea in your city.
yes-art will organizing two amazing programe in your city level, state level and national level in this year.
your team awarded in this occasion for best working in your city with yes-art.
you can getting a chance for working in visual media.

student benefits.

we offer new activity for students like scatting, marshal art and self defense.
femail candidate can participate some activity.
m-up with vlcc.
personality development.
design etc.
student meet fables persons in summer camp session.
free entry for future project.
student can be participate all cultural activity, 2014-2015.
every participate student awarded with certificate.

other benefits.

online service to customer by yes-art group.
yes-art every time live updating our working in website.
yes-art give a space on yes-art website.
nobody check your name and address with your contact number anywhere on website.
Promote your academic/institute and school by online.
you can getting every program information by yes-art.
your name use in all program organize by yes-art.

Condition for join yes-art.

every student fill registration form .
registration member can getting certificate.
registration charge pay to yes-art.